Motkupally Narasimhulu, AP Governor?

14 September 2016

PM office has been seriously working to give the governor post to Motkupalli Narasimhulu, one of the staunch loyalists of Telugu Desam Party from the Telangana region. As per the political sources from AP, it is almost confirmed that this Telangana Telugu Desam leader to get the Andhra Pradesh Governor’s seat. As it is time for few existing governors like Ramnaresh Yadav (Madhya Pradesh), JP Rajkhowa (Arunachal Pradesh), Konijeti Roshaiah (Tamil Nadu) are in the exit process, the new Governors are to be ready in replace them. In parallel to Andhra Pradesh, center is also thinking to place Motkupalli either in TN or sending him to any one of the north eastern states. But Chandrababu Naidu is confident that just in case Motkupalli becomes AP Governor, it will also boost the Telugu Desam party which is in ventilator right now in Telangana State. However, the suspense continues until the center officially announces who goes where.

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