Misfire brand, MLA Roja may look towards TDP?

14 August 2016

Is Roja looking to turn her iron Leg towards TDP again? Serious speculations are lingering the political circles that this misfire brand may soon leave YSR Congress party to join the ruling TDP. Anyway, Roja has denied these speculations. The reason for these assumptions are Roja has recently been contacted by some senior TDP leaders and apparently they have extended their willingness to see her back in the TDP tent. Allegedly Roja was also told that she will be surely treated as senior leader within the party is she comes back. Roja has elected from Nagari constituency as an MLA and this constituency from Chandra babu’s native district, Chittoor with her unbeatable vocal charisma and anti-Naidu propaganda. This could be a strong opposing point to Naidu even in future.  

Tough Roja has ruled out her reentry into TDP, no one knows what happens next in politics with anyone at any point of time. But in this whole scenario, AP CM Chandrababu needs to be little careful if he really needs to welcome Roja in to his party by taking her past record into the consideration. Roja has a name in the political circles that she has an iron leg and whenever enters into a new party, that part’s downfall starts. TDP had faced this in the past, later Congress and YSR faced the same and of course YSRCP and Jagan has been facing the same.

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