Lagadapati meets Chandrababu

16 April 2017

No one might have forgotten the former firebrand Congress MP and famous industrialist, Lagadapati Rajagopal, who has quit politics Three years ago when the Andhra Pradesh state was bifurcated. He played an active role during those days and gave a strong oppose to the state’s bifurcation. While Rajagopal was competing against the bifurcation, he told the people that the minute the state is bifurcated, he will be out of politics. However, state was divided, as promised, Lagadapati was disappeared. Now he is back in the news. There are speculations that he might come back again into politics.


The strong source of these speculations is Lagadapati met TDP President and the CM, Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Friday evening and held in discussions for a considerable amount of time. It was heard that, Lagadapati praised Chandrababu for his vision in reconstructing the Andhra Pradesh state and the world standard city of Amaravati. There are gossips lingering around the political circles that Babu has already given him a green signal in case Lagadapati wants to comeback into politics by joining TDP. This could be an act of giving a counter to Kesineni Nani in case Nani increases the intensity of his disapproval towards Chandrababu for not providing him the support to fulfill his demands help maintaining his monopoly in the AP bus transportation industry

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