We are Ready – KTR on Proposed H1B changes

9 January 2017

A Bill backing key changes in H1B program is all set to be re-introduced in US Senate.  Important change is to increase the minimum salary from $60,000 to $100,000 per annum and eliminate the Master’s Degree exemption. Bill is aimed to crack down the H1B abuse and ensure that the jobs remain available to Americans.


Amid growing concerns and fears among the Indians, especially the H1B holders who are already there in US and the one who are planning now to file, back at home, Hyderabad says it is ready to absorb the changes that might happen in near feature.


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Backing the Hyderabad claim, KTR, IT Minister for Telangana is confident that Hyderabad can compete with Silicon Vally for India’s brightest young minds.  KTR is confident that Hyderabad can absorb thousands of workers in a potential future with far fewer H1B or with out them altogether.  KTR cited the example of Apple moving their maps division to Hyderabad. He said that Hyderabad is producing more GIS Professional than any other place in the world. KTR is of the opinion that h1b bill changes will make the Indian outsourcing companies to engage in new lines of work that create value to Hyderabad. With out Visa Program, more jobs will be created in India especially Hyderabad.

Source : The Washington Post

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