Professor Kodandaram set to launch his political party?

18 September 2016

If we look at Telangana political scene, without much analysis, it becomes evident that TRS has achieved the monopoly. There is literally no opposition to KCR in Telangana at the moment. Even, someone is there, KCR wont sleep unless he/it is plucked out from its roots. Even no media can survive in Telangana unless they tune themselves to the KCR frequency. Classic examples are TV9 and ABN TV channels, Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi daily newspapers who under estimated KCR earlier but very soon they understood the fact and now became mouthpieces to KCR and Co. On the other hand, KCR’s magnetic field has already attracted as many rusted iron pieces as possible from Congress, TDP and YCP who might have caused some septic cuts from outside if there were not taken into TRS party. KCR also became quite successful in deglamorizing Revanth Reddy and Kodandaram who tried to do some noise. 

On the other hand, good times of KCR has created a vacuum in his opposition parties literally with no Charismatic leaders. But, now this scene may little change with the reentry of Prof. Kodandaram as a newly born political leader for the first time. KCR may first time taste the same old bitter wine but in a new bottle. Apparently, the Telangana Joint Action Committee. This activity is being carried out in a highly secretive manner and this initiative is led by Professor Kodandaram. As per the close political circles, this meeting was conducted for 6 long hours in a farm house in Keesara.

During the Telangana agitation, though KCR had been fighting for a while on Telangana, the movement was coated with a “genuine color” only with the rise of prof. Kodandaram. Only after his active participation, Telangana people slowly started having attention towards the Telangana movement. He was the one who brought students into the agitation and the main reason of the Sakala Janula Samme’s success which was an important chapter of Separate Telangana Agitation.

But after the Telangana state formation, TRS government has slowly started sidelining him. Before the separation, Kodandaram enjoyed and experienced almost the same stature and popularity as KCR but within 2 years of the state’s separation, Kodandaram is almost reached a position, where his presence is almost in fading condition.

After 2 years, Kodandaram broke his silence finally and spoke out against KCR’s administration saying it was anti-people. Since then, he has been regularly targeted by all levels of the TRS party especially over the Mallanna Sagar issue.

Now, the interesting question is, if Kodandaram comes-up with a new political party against TRS, does it survive? Does Kodandaram’s charisma withstand in front the attractiveness of KTR, KCR, Harish Rao, Kavita and other TRS leaders who are equally as vigorous as KCR& Co.? Time shall answer these questions.

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