Prof. Kodandaram criticizes KCR again

29 November 2016

Telangana Political JAC Chairman, Professor M. Kodandaram has criticized the Telangana CM, KCR for wasting public’s money to construct a lavish home for his own living. Kodandaram added that that the current residence of the CM has been constructed only recently and there is no point in pumping a lot of public money to construct a new one which is not at all a necessary act. Kodandaram advised KCR that instead uselessly constructing new buildings, TRS government should have done necessary changes to the existing buildings and KCR should have allotted some money to the poor people and needy farmers who are suffering with severe deficiency.


Kodandaram also blamed KCR that he should have focused in finishing the double bedroom flats to the poor people instead of concentrating on his own home constructed by the public money. Professor Kodandaram earlier criticized TRS government for failing to live up to the expectations of the Telangana People. Many say that Kodandaram is planning to start a new political party which will be an alternative to ruling TRS. Some say that he may join Congress or BJP in near future. 


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