Too Much!! KCR’s grandson felicitated

13 July 2016

This is the heights of a political sycophancy. It’s not CM or CM’s son but CM’s grandson who is still a 12 year old kid who is felicitated. True, Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao’s grandson and IT Minister KTR’s son Himanshu was felicitated at Pedamma Temple in Jubilee Hills.  Himanshu celebrated his birthday yesterday and he visited Pedamma Temple in Jubilee hills along with his mother, KTR’s wife Sailima and daughter Alekya.  Former MLA and PJR’s son Vishnuvardhan Reddy who is a trustee of Pedamma temple came to know about their arrival and invited the KTR’s family along with priests. Till here it is good but he went ahead and felicitated Himanshu with garlands and shawls. Infact, it is being said that Himanshu himself was kind of uncomfortable when Vishunuvardhan was garlanding him. 12-year kid had no idea what is happening to him. Well, that’s politics folks!! Politicians can go to any extent!!

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