Now the Kapu corporation fund is 1000 Crores

4 February 2016

AP government has revisited its Kapu Corporation fund after the Tuni incident by making the fund as 1000 crores. This is updated by Chandra babu after a lengthy discussion during the cabinet meeting. The cabinet also decided to form a sub-committee in order to speed up the process working on the Kapus inclusion in backward classes.

The sub committed consists of Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, KE Krishnamurthy, Kollu Ravindra and China Rajappa. All these members belong to Kapu community. This committee will be coordinating with Justice Manjunatha commission to look into the legal

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CBN said that the sub committee formed by the government will coordinate with Justice Manjunatha commission. The commission is looking into the legalities that arise during the process of Kapu BC incusing.

Interestingly, while Mudragada Padmanabham announced that he will sit for the hunger strike, other existing BC communities warned government that they will not accept Kapus into their existing reservation quota and asked government to provide a separate quota to Kapus without disturbing the current BCs’ interests.

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