Is Mudragada ready for Rajya Sabha ?

8 March 2016

While serious allegations have been floating around the senior Kapu community leader, Mudragada Padmanabham that YS Jagan is the remote controller of all of his recent acts, there is another buzz word surfaced now within the political circles .Few Telugu Desam leaders making allegations that Jagan has offered a Rajya Sabha seat to Mudragada Padmanabham.

The recent Kapu meeting held for the sake of Kapus joining in the BC list, with the leadership of Mudragada led to a burning train (Ratnachal express) near Tuni. Heavy destruction of Government and Private Properties happened due to this meeting. The language used by Mudragada recently filled with a political motto. Despite of all the promises made by the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for the Kapu reservation, Mudhragada is still too impatient to wait to see them fulfilled and he is also getting ready to sit for another deeksha without giving any breathing time to the Government. After the state's bifurcation, AP is undergoing a tough time and is trying to withstand on its own. In this turmoil time, Mudragada's activity and agitation is not at all be helpful for the welfare of the state. He has been repeatedly using foul language and tt "Naa Jaati, Naa Jaatu" might act as a poison which may kill the whole society. People should realize the facts and must try to maintain as distance as possible to this ugly cast politics.


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