Hyderabad – is 2015 a fruitful year for Burglars?

2 January 2016

Hyderabad had been a safe haven for burglars during the year 2015. Robbers looted more than Rs. 90 crore worth of goods from houses and business establishments in 2015 in Telangana. These goods include cash, electronic gadgets, gold armaments, vehicles etc. 84 people killed during the robberies. Especially, Hyderabad had faced a rapid growth in the infiltration of Burglars particularly from Karnataka, Maharashtra and other north-Indian cities.

There had been a huge increase in number of incidents that took place in 2015 when compared to 2014. While 2014 reported 275 robberies in Hyderabad, 2015 had experienced 322 in total, with a record growth of 54 percent in Cyberabad and 38 percent as a whole in the Hyderabad city. There was an increase of 20% in house breakings. The fear factor is in most of the cases, thieves used knives, Guns and Chilli powder during the robberies. In most of the times, victims are senior citizens. On a single day, September 29th itself, Hyderabad witnessed chain snatchings on 11 women across the city which carries at least a 350 grams of gold. Similar incidents with busting happened in the months of August and November also happened. Recovery of the stolen goods is one of the biggest challenges for the Telangana police department even in the case of catching the thieves. As soon as a bike is stolen, it gets dismantled and the parts will be sold in the scrap markets across the country. It is almost impossible to track this. Jewelry and electronic gadgets will be sent for out of country markets with hours once stolen. Police could finally manage in recovering a 50% of the stolen assets from the thieves during 2015. But no one can recover the lives of victims who lost during the burglaries.

Even though, thousands of CC cameras installed on several locations of the city, the improvement in the percentage of recovering the stolen goods has been still very nominal. For example, the reported vehicles stolen in Telangana during 2015 are more than 1200 and the approximate number of recovered vehicles did not exceed 400. There are several inter-state gangs are working in the city and they have highly sophisticated techniques to rob and even to escape from the scene.

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