Roads or Ruins? Hyderabad City turns from bad to worse

20 September 2016

There has been a lot hype given to the development of Hyderabad city since the TRS government was formed. KCR’s government has set many expectations among the people about the beautification and cleanliness that the city is going to grasp. But now the horrible situation in the city has exposed the hollowness of the promises given by the Telangana Government. Actually the city turned from bad to worse. The entire city of Hyderabad has turned into a muddy well. The inefficiently designed drainage system could not cope up with the recent heavy rains and the roads are totally turned into ruins. Whether it is old city or Banjara Hills or Hi-Tech City, no matter where, everything looks the same.

On the other hand, the minister of urban development, Mr. KTR wants to bring-up the city to make another Dallas. He also announced a 100-day pilot program to beautify the city. Of course, this order was passed just before the GHMC elections. After that elections are gone and the beautification plan also gone.

No wonder, people are now questioning KTR directly through letters and tweets. Senior Congress leader and former MP V Hanumantha Rao demanded that KTR resign immediately for failing to maintain proper roads in the city. All the opposition leaders have already started questing the government. People are waiting to see where their city roads are going to lead them in the future.

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