Hyderabad court orders police to arrest Owasi

17 July 2016

Hyderabad City Court last Thursday issued an arrest warrant against AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owasi for stating that he will provide legal support and aid to the suspected IS sympathizers who were attested by the Telangana police and NIA last month.  The 11th Metropolitan Magistrate Court asked Saroor Nagar police station to register a case against Owaisi under the section 124A (sedition) of Indian Penal Code. Police were asked to submit a report on the same to the court on or before the 30 th of July. One of the advocates named Sagar filed this case against Owaisi. Police registered the case  on July 3 and until now they did not take any action against him . Hence, Sagar directly approached the court requesting the pass on instructions and order the police to take Owaisi into custody. Sagar in his petition mentioned that Owaisi is probing the anti-national ideology into the minds of youth.

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