Low Voter turnout in GHMC Polls

3 February 2016

What’s happened to Hyderabad Voters ? Despite efforts by the GHMC, political parties campaign, Tollywood starts ad’s requesting to vote, seems nothing has motivated Hyderabad voters to come out and vote for the welfare of their city.

A low turnout recorded with around 45% of the people voting in the GHMC elections.  Cyberabad and Ameerpet recorded lowest turn out while Nagole was the highest.

GHMC Commissioner B. Janardhan Reddy was disappointed with the overall turnout for the polls. He mentioned that despite holiday being declared and allowing voters to download voter slips online the turnout was not great. It is just 3% more than the previous elections. But compared to the voting population to last year elections, the turnout is very poor.

It is irony to see well educated and the urban people skipping polls. Especially when a City like Hyderabad is going polls for its development, people should have participated actively to make sure they elect a leader who works for their city. Out of 45% polls recorded, votes being split among parties, at the end a leader with 15-20% votes is declared won the election .  In reality if we observe, he is not elected by the remaining 85-80% population but still as per the constitution considering the votes being polled, he is the corporator who takes care of your city. As long as people think politics are just the job of Politicians and their supporters and don’t even participate in the polling,  they don’t have the right to talk about corrupt politicians and corrupt government

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