GHMC Exit Polls predict huge TRS win

3 February 2016

Exit Polls predict big win for TRS in the GHMC polls. According to an exit poll by News Poll, TRS will bag 78-82 seats, MIM 35-40, TD-BJP 28-34, Congress 8-10 and others 1-3. Another exit poll, by AARAA, gave TRS 81-85 seats, MIM 32-37, TD-BJP 25-30, Congress 3-7 and others 0-3. It gave TRS 42.13 per cent vote share, TD-BJP 27.55 per cent, Congress 7.53 per cent, MIM 14.77 per cent and others 7.99 per cent.

Several TV channels which conducted their own survey, predicted the similar results.

TRS is going to win the GHMC polls literally from ZERO seats in the last elections. Looks like TRS is going to get the Mayor seat without much trouble.

Let’s wait and see how the actual results will be. 

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