Fatwa on AR Rehman

17 September 2015

Raza Academy, a group of Sunny cleric has put up a Fatwa against AR Rehman, a famous music director and an Iranian film maker, Majid Majidi. The Fatwa was issued against this movie for naming it as 'Muhammad: Messenger of God'. AR Rehman has provided his music composition to this film. There is an argument raised by Raza academy that certain visuals in this movie might have presented Islam in a bad light. The fatwa calls all the Muslims to intensely protest against the making and release of such movies. After approximately 2 days, Rehman has responded in Facebook by explaining his point of view, he believed that because of this movie, people will know about Prophet through the audio-visual medium, which will help them broaden their understanding. He just composed the music and that he won’t explain the reason behind this as they are based on personal spiritual reasons. In addition to that, he also praised the religious freedom in India by saying that he is fortunate to live in India where religious freedom is practiced.

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