Enquiry speeds-up - Patlwad blast

13 September 2015

Investigation speeds-up on restaurant explosion in MP Investigation speeds-up in the restaurant explosion case. As per the latest update, Police have started hunt the man, Rajendra Kaswa, who had apparently stored the explosives used for the mining in the store which has caused the actual damage. Government announced Rs/- 1 Lakh as a reward, if someone could provide any information on Rajendra’s whereabouts. As we know, earlier on Saturday, more than 80 people killed and 2 buildings are collapsed due to an explosion in Petlwad in Madhya Pradesh. This blast took place around 8.30 am IST on Saturday, the 12th of September due to a cooking gas cylinder explosion which has initiated by flaring-up the explosive material used for mines kept in a store located in the restaurant in one of the buildings causing a total collapse.

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