Chiranjeevi doesn’t care about Special Status to AP

6 August 2016

Those “Nenu Saitam” days are gone. Chiranjeevi is right now in the process of starting his second innings in movies and looks like he wants to stick back to silver screen.  While the complete Andhra Pradesh state is under fire on the center for going against the promised special status and the time when his own party, Congress is making a scene in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on his issue, on the other hand, while YSRCP and Jagan are trying their level best to get a minimum political mileage . Irony is Congress’s own Rajya Sabha Member and Megastar Chiranjeevi seems to be little interested in the episode.  

Knowing very well that the private member bill introduced by his own Congress MP KVP Ramachandra Rao will come up for voting in Rajya Sabha on Friday, Chiranjeevi did not even bother to attend the House. Along with him, a couple of other Congress MPs also followed his footsteps and did not attend the voting conducted for the bill. However, it is a different story that the bill was not included for the voting and it was later sent to Lok Sabha for the speaker’s evaluation.

However, this incident made evident that Chiranjeev gives a sh** to the special status matter and shown how negligent he is in supporting the fight for special status. Last week, he was forced to cancel his shooting and attend the Rajya Sabha following a call from Sonia Gandhi. This time, Sonia is also in hospital and there was no one to remind him to come and vote for the bill. He has simply gone for his 150th film shooting by skipping the Bill in Lok Sabha.

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