CBN will review Polavaram work every third Monday of the month

13 September 2016

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for granting funds that are five times more than that of the funds which would have sanctioned with Special status. Chandrababu Naidu applauded Narendra Modi for coming forward to take the entire cost of Polavaram Project. He said that there won’t’ be any hurdles now to complete the project as quickly as possible. He said that he will personally monitor Polavaram project work onsite every third Monday of the month. There will also be a review meeting every week on the work progress. On this occasion, he lashed out at opposition parties, especially YSR Congress party for creating hurdles in the development projects and

Mr. Naidu said that he had spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier in the day and thanked him for sanctioning funds that were five times more than what would have been sanctioned had SCS been granted. Mr. Naidu said that he had also thanked the Prime Minister for announcing that the Centre would bear the entire cost of the project.

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