Chandrababu owes to fight back

9 September 2016

AP CM Chandrababu is being cornered from all the directions since the central government announced that there is no special status to AP state and offered the Special Assistance Measure. The opposition parties trying their best to pin him down to a point where he is being shown as an acceptor of center’s manipulation at the cost of state’s interests. Now, it is Naidu’s turn to put a full stop to this ongoing blame game by saying that there will be no compromise on the special category status for AP. During a talk on Thursday in the state’s legislative council on Thursday, he said that he had never compromised on any issue in his life, and he is always ready to go to any extent to protect AP’s interest. Chandrababu also added that he had requested the Centre multiple times to grant the special status to the state and also the state government’s policy was to take whatever the Centre grants but at the same time fight for whatever the state actually requires. Naidu admitted that the funding what is being provided is not sufficient and his fight continues with center until the state is granted with the special category status.

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