Chandra babu candid replies to Pulse Survey

9 July 2016

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu started pulse survey from his residence in the AP Capital Amaravati. Chandrababu Naidu gave his personal and family details as part of the survey to the survey official. He was very candid and gave rather funny details when asked about his details during the survey.

He mentioned that he has been married for nearly 35 years and is presently living in a rented house now. He said that he has a washing machine, TV, internet and AC. He said he has a radio too in his TV.  About profession, Babu said that he is into politics. Babu jokingly asked the official if he will get any government welfare schemes. Showing his humorous side he said presently he and his son are currently living in Vijayawada with 3 more family members joining them soon. He also revealed his income for a year.

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