Bharat Bandh : Business As Usual in AP

28 November 2016

The India-wide bandh called by all the opposition parties on Monday in order to make the so called protests against the central Government for Demonetization of the currency. This has been over enthusiastically initiated by all the leftist parties, Congress Party observed this day as “Akrosh Day”. Naturally, the YSRCP leaders also extended their support to the Left parties by participating in these remonstrations in Andhra Pradesh.


It is sounded seriously funny when the CPI and CPM parties raised their voice that the central government is creating a lot of inconvenience to the common public with the ban of higher denomination notes and they protested this act by conducting a nationwide bandh which again caused more inconvenience to the same common public. Leftist parties on Monday Morning staged protests in front of the RTC depots of Vijayawada, Vizag, Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur, West Godavari and Srikakulam.


On time, police took enough control over anti-social elements and arrested several agitators to make sure the buses are stick to their schedule at various routes.


While the Left parties, YSRCP and Jana Sena party mobs covered some places with their agitations, congress party separately covered the other locations with their protests. However, the state and central governments took a decent precautionary measures which has diluted the protests at most of the places and the common public also has shown a minimum interest to participate in the protests. On an overall basis, the akrosh day has become a reasonably normal day to the common people.


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