Babu Vs Jagan @Assembly

10 March 2016

Andhra Pradesh state assembly witnessed spurs between the ruling Telugu Desam Party and the opposition YSRCP members on Wednesday. The opposition boss, Jagan Mohan Reddy blamed Chandra Babu and his party leaders by claiming that they have stolen money by introducing the real estate scam to Amaravati. It is known that recently, Jagan’s media Sakshi TV made charges that Chandra Babu, his son, Lokesh and his other part leaders bought so many lands in Amaravati.

When Jagan demanded the resignation of ministers and CBI inquiry, Chandra Babu reacted very strongly and counter attacked Jagan. He totally ruled out probing any CBI inquiry against on resignation and CBI Inquiry.  Babu counter challenged Jagan to prove his own criminal charges. Babu also added to it that if Jagan proves, he will dismiss the ministers immediately. The question is that can Jagan ever be able to disapprove the allegations filed against him???

Watch the video :

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