Ayuta Chandi Yagam enters into day 3

25 December 2015

The 3rd day of Autha Chandi Maha Yagam conducted by KCR is started in a grand scale with Guru Prardhana and Gow puja. Hundreds of priests chanted the hymns from Ekadasa Vyasapoorvaka Trisahasra Chandi. Hundreds of priests involved in these chanting are dressed in white, CM KCR and his wife and his family members, participated the rituals wearing pinkclothes on the Third day. 2nd day they were on yellow color. Thousands of people from all over the state and other parts of the country are visiting his place in Erravalli in Medak district

For the first Two days, there are several VVIPs visited the yagasala including Sri Sri Ravishanker, AP minister Kamineni Srinivas and media monark Ramoji Rao etc. More leaders, including President, Pranab Mukherjee, AP CM, Chandrababu will participate in the Yagam in the coming days. The first Two days yagam concluded at around 8 pm and several Ritwiks blessed the CM and his wife. Governor ESL Narasimhan arrived along with his wife at the Yagashala at the First day first day yagam in the traditional dress and started with Guru Prardhana in front of the idol of Goddess Chandi. Ritwiks from various parts of the country are participating in the Yagam, termed as the biggest religious event of the kind held in recent times especially conducted by a public leader.

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