Astana to Amaravati – AP’s deal with Kazakhstan

12 July 2016

In the footsteps of Singapore, Japan and China, now Kazakhstan is also set to partner with Andhra Pradesh in building its new capital city,

Andhra Pradesh capital city, Amaravati and the Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana, both will sign an agreement of understanding to work hand in hand on building Amaravati and will form a join working committee which will closely work and share the ideas of build Amaravati as a world-class capital city. Chandrababu has provided this press release from Kazakhstan on Sunday. During his  visit in Kazakhstan, on Sunday before the press release, he held talks with the Astana city mayor. During his talk, Babu defined Astana as a young, modern and functional city. AP CM has requested the Astana mayor to share the details of the Architects, civil engineers, designers who involved in the construction of Astana city. Mayor promised to help AP in building Amavaravati. Later the official paperwork took place between Amaravati and Astana with a set of agreements and roadmap.

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