Telugu CMs with Zero Mutual Trust

21 September 2016

Few months back, Telangana government committed sting operations against AP government and AP CM in regards to the Cash for Vote incident and tapping of AP government officials’ telephone calls. Those acts of Telangana government built a heavy mistrust between the Two Telugu state governments. Those incidents are not totally faded yet from the memories of people. Now, Telangana government carried out another secret operation against the Andhra Pradesh Government. Few government officials from the Telangana state irrigation department secretly visited Srisailam reservoir in Kurnool district and secretly video recorded the water inflow, outflow and water utilization at Potireddy Padu reservoir. Allegedly, this videotaping was carried out for Two nights.

The officials submitted all the reports to the Telangana CM, KCR in order to empower him with the documentary evidence on the occasion of APEX meeting scheduled on Wednesday in Delhi to sort out the water disputes between Telangana and AP. This meeting is scheduled in Delhi on Wednesday in the presence of central cabinet minister, Uma Bharti. Both CMs are supposed to involve in this regards. On the other hand, AP CM Chandrababi is also ready with the evidences that Telangana Government is illegally constructing various projects on the Krishna River. People from both states are closely watching to see what next.

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