A song on KCR

14 October 2015

An Anti-KCR song composed and sung by a rural villager of Telangana State has recently gone epidemic in social media. This song has very smartly listed out several unfulfilled promises made by KCR during various speeches at numerous instances.

This village singer has almost warned K. Chandrasekhar Rao through his heart touching lyrics and heart catching composition for not fulfilling his words. He cautioned the CM, “if you fail to accomplish your promises, you will be sent back to home”.

And also this unknown artist upraised the fact that how KCR made her daughter, Kavitha as Talli Telangana and Queen of New Delhi through the MP seat and how he surrendered Siricilla to his son, KTR and Siddipet to his nephew, Harish Rao. He also questioned how KCR praised and pleased the Telangana women during his pre-CM speeches and how come he did not give a chance to not even a single female in his cabinet.

Singer also opens up on KCR’s hospitality towards Samaikyandhra supporters like Tummala and Talasani and Jagan’s partner Konda Surekha by offering them the TRS Teertham and how did he deserted the real Telangana movement supporters.

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