Telangana assembly becomes paperless

10 March 2016

While AP Government has gone paperless cabinet last year, now it is the Telangana’s turn to become paperless. Telangana State is starting e-assembly which goes 'paperless' starting from the budget sessions on Thursday. Right from this area, the digitization spreads to all other areas of the government administration eventually. The legislators can use their laptops and other electronic devices like tablets to pass on the questions and read through the questions. This will be replaced the process of going through the bundles of paper sheaf, legislators would directly see their questions and answers on online. Affiliates have also been asked to file their complaints and grievances online as a part of saving the papers. The primary goal is to cut 70% of the current paper usage. Tough the implementation of this digitization is in our vicinity, it would take some time to the overall implementation.

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