Pawan Kalyan to speak on Kapu Garjana incident

1 February 2016

As we all know the Kapu reservation agitation launched in Tuni by the former minister Mudragada Padmanabham took an unexpected violent turn .Thousands of supporters from Kapu community created chaos by setting a train and a police station afire in the town demanding an immediate solution to the long-pending reservation issue.


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Janasena party founder Pawan Kalyan ,who hails from Kapu Community has cancelled the shooting of Sardaar Gabbar Singh being done in Kerala and decided to rush to Hyderabad in a special flight. Pawan Kalyan has decided to break his silence on the Kapu reservation issue. Pawan Kalyan had stated earlier that he didn’t want to have the Kapu tag as he was aspiring for a larger role in AP politics in the 2019 elections. He is going to address a press conference on the Kapu Garjana event on Monday. 


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