US-India will be best friends if I become the US president

16 October 2016

As the US presidential elections are approaching, presidential candidate from the republican party, Donald Trump’s tone on several aspects has changed a bit and now he is in the process of pampering various sections of society. In that process, trump recently gave a speech with several eye-washing statements on India, Indians and Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi. While everyone knew his strict stand on the immigration, H1B Visa and the US based jobs that are being outsourced has been raised tensions among the Indian techies who desire to secure a good IT job in the US, the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has recently promised for further better relationships with India if elected as the President of the United States.


In his recent speech to a well-known national media house during an event organized by the Republican Hindu Union in New Jersey, Trump said that he has great respect for Hindus and Indians. Trump also added that he has so many Hindu friends from India. In his words, "I have great respect for India. I actually have (real estate) jobs going up in India tremendously successful. India is the biggest democracy in the world, India is an amazing and incredible country," Trump said to a loud cheer from the Indian American community. Trump also quoted about the recent attack at Uri on Indian army by Pakistan. He said that US and America will work hand in hand and India will be America’s best friend if he becomes the president of the United States. He also shown his respect towards Modi in his speech.


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