Chandrababu condemns Trump views

12 October 2016

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu spoke at length after entering into his new Chambers at the AP Secretariat at Velagapudi. He had a casual and informal talk with the press and team members for few minutes touching various topics right from the Indian family values to the US republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.


Naidu condemned Trump’s comments on women that are exposed last week from a tape recorded during 1995. Chandrababu said that, even the super power, America is currently facing a leadership crisis. He added that if we listen to what Trump said, we will understand the hollowness that is currently pervading political area if the Unites States.


Naidu is planning to Visit US on the next month for 9 days. During his visit, he will meet the non-resident Telugus to seek their help in making the Smart villages in India. He is also scheduled to meet few senators and state governors.  More specifics to be followed.


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