GC not Easy

31 August 2017

It’s not going to that easy now to get the GC (Green Card) for the NRI in United State of America. Green Card is the immigration status of a person authorised to live and work in the US permanently. A Green Card holder can apply for US citizenship after five years of residency. This period is shortened to three years if married to a US citizen.


Trump administration adding extra hurdle for green cards . As per the latest update, USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) authorities are soon going to request for an in-person interview for certain applicants to obtain Green Card.


This applies to anyone moving from an employment-based visa to lawful permanent residency. Visa holders who are family members of refugees or people who receive asylum will also be required to undergo an in-person interview when they apply for provisional status, a stage that precedes receiving a green card, as per USCIS. It's a step that could add a substantial slow-down to getting permanent residency in the US for immigrants.


As per a new report, at present it is going to take atleast 12 year waiting period for Indians applying for permanent residency.  India is one of the top countries whose residents are looking for green cards every year. 

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