Tollywood Fan Wars

25 August 2016

In an unprecedented event, an argument between fans of Tollywood stars Pawan Kalyan and Jr NTR led to death of Pawan Kalyan fan a couple of days ago. This incident happened in Kolar, Karnataka. As per the police report, the deceased Vinod Kumar, 24 year old is an adherent fan of Pawan Kalyan and active member of Pawan Kalyan’s political party Jana Sena.  Vinod Kumar participated in an organ donation drive in Kolar and reportedly gave speech on Pawan Kalyan and his movie records. This angered other fans and a fight broke on status of the stars.  Another Tollywood Star Jr NTR’s fan Sunil argued with Vinod at the event but was immediately put off by the organizers and the people around there.  Vinod Kumar and Sunil met again on the same night at a hotel where Sunil’s friend Akshay Kumar stabbed Vinod to death. Vinod was rushed to the hospital immediately but was declared brought dead by the hospital.


Vinod Kumar hails from Tirupati. Pawan Kalyan reached Tirupati to console the family members of his die-hard fan Vinod Royal. Vinod mother wept uncontrollably on seeing Pawan Kalyan, She hugged him and even tied Rakhi to him. She expressed grief over the death of her son and informed that Vinod Royal was about to fly to US in few months for higher studies. She even explained to Pawan Kalyan that her son used to talk about spreading Pawanism in US too. Pawan Kalyan expressed his deepest condolences and told her that he will support her family throughout his life.


Pawan Kalyan expressed shock and grief over the death of his fan, Vinod Royal. He mentioned that all the actors in the film industry maintain friendly relationships among themselves and fans should understand this and should behave sensible when it comes to discussions about their stars and films. Pawan Kalyan said that he had no differences or rivalry with anyone in the industry.


Telugu Roommate view:


There was rumored rivalry between all the big 4 heroes in Tollywood for many days. Stars always try to increase their fan base which will help them to garner much needed publicity for their films and in some cases, that will help them to organize events or social activities. But all the big 4 heroes maintained cordial relationships between them and showed it in public functions. These incidents never took the rivalry to peaks or led to someone’s death.  But things have changed now, the new generation stars are struggling to get the fan base and the audio events is the only public interaction event where they go on praise their fans and their clan if any. The audio events these days are more of drumming up of the so called heroes and their families in praise. All the technicians and supporting actors go on praise the actors and their films even though they are not doing well at box office. Audio launch events are now taken to level where so called fans are not letting others to speak and kind of make hungama throughout the event. Some say, star heroes they themselves check on these fans and give invitations to them and wont’ stop them from shouting. Some say, heroes do this intentionally to get publicity and it is a kind of showing up their following in public. But things are changing with many audio launch events and being shown live on Television. No one is taking care to curb these kind of activities though known to all big fathers of film industry.


Take for example the death of Pawan Kalyan fan. No other Tollywood hero is coming in public to show solidarity or condemning the attack. The silence of all the Tollywood heroes is too dangerous and is a kind of approval for this fan wars.

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