Subramanyam For Sale Review: Family Entertainer

24 September 2015

Subramanyam (Sai Dharam Tej) goes to US like any other youngster to use his maximum time to earn as many dollars as possible doing multiple jobs. Sita (Regina Cassandra) comes into his life and things keeps changing in Subramanyam’s life.

Who is Sita? Why did she came to US? What changes she brings in Subramanyam’s life? What happens when the movie shifts to Kurnool?


Sai Dharam Tej has done complete justice for his role. With these kind of roles, he is sure to earn the mass following quickly. Sai Dharam Tej’s comedy timing is good and the dialogues specially inked by director Harish Shankar for Subramanyam character has elevated the actor inside mega hero. Even in emotional scenes also Sai Dharam Tej has did well.Tej reminded Chiru in the song Guvva Gorinka. He is good in action sequences too.

Regina Cassandra is cute and got a meaty role to perfom. He role of Sita has many shades and she did perform well. Regina’s chemistry with Sai Dharam Tej was lovely on silver screen and in guvva gorinka song

Adah Sharma shines in a  small guest role but she made her presences felt with her superb acting in the climax and her cute love track with Hyderabadi movie star Saleem Pheku. Even though Brahmi was given less run time but in limited minutes he generated the needed comedy for the film. Rao Ramesh as Biyyam Babji  Naga Babu , Ajay and rest of the character artists are handpicked gently and utilized perfectly.

Director Harish Shankar exelled this time and has not repeated the mistakes he made in his previous movie “Ramayya Vastavayya”. He added the needed entertainment in the second half. Placement of guvva gorinkatho song , Sai Dharam Tej entry with Pawan Kalayn’s hit songs in background. Emotional sequences are well shot. Added needed comedy for the movie.

Mickey J Meyer music is OK and have given nice songs. Cinematography looked neat and songs are filmed with special care which can be sensed with extraordinary visuals as eye treat. Editing was fine, action part is alright with good fights without any over the board choreography from the fight master. Dil Raju’s Production values are high.

Overall it’s a good family entertainer that  scores well at box office. 

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