Shah Rukh Khan Fan teaser trailer

29 February 2016

Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie Fan trailer teaser is released. Movie is about a Fan,Gaurav, obsessed with a movie star (Shah Rukh Khan) that looks just like him, travels to Mumbai to meet the actor. The newly released trailer does look intriguing and promising. Intriguing for its unique storyline and promising for SRK’s never before seen performance as that of his own fan.

To meet his idol, he arrives in Mumbai from Delhi. The meeting happens but call it destiny or design, Gaurav’s undying love for Aryan Khanna turns into a dangerous obsession that the latter starts despising his own fan. Physical and violent confrontations follow where Aryan can be seen trying hard to warn his fans and well-wishers against Gaurav.

Movie is schedule for April 15TH release. 

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