Release dates dilemma?

23 September 2015

In the next one month, a lot of big films are lined up to be release.  Few among them are Kanche, Shivam, Rudhramadevi, Bruce Lee, Akhil etc. Looks like Kanche is already backed out from the race, Shivam seems to be all set for October 2nd. No one knows if Rudhramadevi releases on October 9th. This movie release has already been postponed thrice. Bruce Lee is for now set to be released on October 16th.But film circles are skeptical about its release date because of the 2 unfinished songs, Chiranjeevi’s cameo appearance and even couple of action scenes yet to be shot. Even the audio is yet to be launched. Though Akhil is confirmed for THE 22nd, it again all depends upon Bruce Lee’s release. If Bruce Lee successfully comes out as per the schedule and airs a good talk, then Akhil might look for another date.

As of now, it is still unclear about the release dates of few more movies planning to release during the Dessara season.

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