What’s now for Ravi Teja?

19 September 2015

Recently, things are not working out for Ravi Teja. He doesn’t have any back to back hits. His recent film KICK 2 bombed at box office. Though most of the blame goes to the director, Ravi Teja is also losing ground here not only with the fans but also with the producers.

Ravi Teja known for his high energy performance is keeping it low now. He is pinning hopes on his next film Bengal Tiger. He is making sure that there are no mistakes repeated like that of Kick 2. Everyone liked the first half of Kick 2 but the second half is just unbearable. Ravi Teja is coming up now with new proposal for producers and directors that he is ready to cut down his remuneration if he likes the story and would take the full remuneration from the profits of the movie once declared hit. His condition to producers that the movie should be completed with in six months.

Let’s hope this formula works out and Ravi Teja comes up with new films with the content that the Tollywood lovers love to watch. 

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