Ram Gopal Varma in Vijayawada on 26th for Vangaveeti

21 February 2016

Despite of many objections from political leaders, looks like RGV is not going back on Vangaveeti.

He is going to be in Vijayawada on 26th to meet few important people for the research on Vangaveeti. He tweeted this information today ,”Going to Vijayawada on 26th to meet some people for the research on "Vangaveeti"

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Ram Gopal Varma already announced that Vangaveeti would be his last telugu film. He mentioned that he is going to complete and release this movie in spite of objections by many political leaders. He said he is going to show everyone the real Vijayawada which was 30 years back. RGV’s Vangaveeti will feature many important real life characters like Vangaveeti Radha, Vangaveeti Ranga,Vangaveeti Ratna Kumari, Devineni Nehru,Devineni Gandhi, Devineni  Murali, Karnati Rammohan Rao, Siris Raju, Late PM Rajiv Gandhi,Dasari Narayana Rao, Mudragada Padmanabham and Late CM NTR.

RGV is confident now to complete the movie as quickly as possible. Let’s wait and see how it goes. 

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