Versatile actor Pradeep Shakti is no more

21 February 2016

Telugu Actor Pradeep Shakti is no more. He breathed his last in New Jersey State in US. Pradeep Shakti is recognized for his roles in Ladies Tailor, Nayakudu, Chettu Kinda Plidaru, April 1 vidudala, Chintakayala Ravi. His last film was Subramanyam for sale.

Pradeep Shakti redefined villainism in the 80’s/90’s movie world. He is the most sought actor for villain characters in those days.  He left india long way back and settled in US. He runs a restaurant named Baba Hut on Newark Avenue in Journal Square, that serves authentic coastal food from Andhra and Tamil Nadu. He is from Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. 

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