Nithin’s Lie Movie Teaser

11 July 2017

Nithin’s upcoming movie, Lie teaser is released. Lie is an action thriller. Teaser is stylish and captivating. Production values of high and teaser is a perfect cut to start the promotions of the film, that is releasing on August 11th. Manisharma provided the background score for the movie that stands out to be a major highlight of the teaser. Nithin has gone over a change over and is very stylish in his bearded getup. Yesteryear’s action hero, Arjun is playing the role of villain in the movie. As the name suggests, the voice over of the teaser, “Abaddham lekunda ye kurukshetram purthavadanta… Ashwaddhama Hataha Kunjaraha” raises expectations on the movie. 
Lie movie is directed by Hanu Raghavapudi whose last film with Nani, Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha was a hit. 14 Reels Entertainment is bankrolling Lie Movie. 

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