Manchu Manoj Okkadu Migiladu Teaser

15 June 2017

Manchu Manoj new movie, Okkadu Migiladu teaser is released. Okkadu Migiladu has two time periods once that showcases the time of LTTE in Sri Lanka and the other that shows present period.


Manoj with terrific in LTTE Chief Prabhakaran’s role. The war scenes are surprised shot very authentically and has good DOP. Most of the war scenes are shot around Vizag. Okkadu Migiladu looks like a definite watch and is driven by the story. Okkadu Migiladu is directed by Ajay Andrews Nuthakki.


Okkadu Migiladu teaser is perfectly cut and seems Manchu Manoj has a winner. Excellent dialogues backed by Manchu Manoj voice over are highlights of the teaser. 

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