Chiranjeevi to replace Nagarjuna in MEK

9 September 2016

This shows the changing trends. There were times when film stars are only confined to big screen. Television prominence has increased with the different programs and with big stars working for small screen, Television programs too are becoming interesting. This all started with Big B Amitabh Bacchan conduction a quiz program on small screen. One can easily say this brought the change in the mindset of big film stars and they are too not shying away to appear on small screen.

Well, all said, Megastar Chiranjeevi is going to take Nagarjuna’s seat to host the most popular Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu aka MEK. MEK is a popular television show which Akkineni Nagarjuna hosted. Even though apart from Hindi, this show is flop in all other regional languages, Nagarjuna made this show in Telugu a huge success. 

After successful three seasons, Nagarjuna is tied up with many personal and professional commitments that he thought he wont be able to do justice to the show.  Then came in Megastar Chiranjeevi who immediately agreed to do the fourth season.  Nagarjuna mentioned that as he has few movies that he committed to act and overseeing the next projects of his sons’s carrers has forced him to request Chiranjeevi to fill in the show.

 “I had three wonderful seasons of MEK, and it was a life changing experience for me. As I ended season three, I thought I should take a break because this year, I am very busy with my films and with the production of two of my sons’ films. I am happy that Chiranjeevi is going to host season four and I know that he will do a fantastic job. I wish him all the best and I also wish to be a guest on his show,” says Nagarajuna Akkineni.

Chiranjeevi will be shooting for MEK in the month of November and December. He is presently working for his come back 150th film, Khaidi No 150. 

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