Chiranjeevi on RGV

9 January 2017

Megastar Chiranjeevi addressed media in Hyderabad on Monday on the occasion of his comeback, 150th movie, Khaidi No 150. After the successful pre-release function and his brother Nagababu comments on RGV and Yandamuri, media too was very interested to speak to Chiranjeevi more to find out his reaction on RGV.


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To start with, Chiranjeevi said he felt that there is no need to respond to RGV comments on Twitter. He said he is somewhat surprised to see Ram Gopal Varma only focusing on his family members and his films more over.  He said he doesn’t understand why RGV wants to give his opinion on his movies.  He said one should encourage others by focusing on the positive aspects but constantly pointing negative points is not right.


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On Nagababu’s speech, Chiranjeevi said that Naga babu seems hurt by RGV tweets and anyone who is hurt will react the same way like Naga Babu. At the same time, one should not expect someone to keep quiet if continuously mudslides another.