Balakrishna insults Chiranjeevi

25 February 2016

MLA Balakrishna addressed media about the Lepakshi Festival that is to be conducted in Ananthapur. During the questions hour with media, when asked whether he is inviting ex-union minister, Film star Chiranjeevi, he replied that he doesn’t want to keep anyone on his head.  “‘Nenu evarini netthi meeda pettukonu”.” I don’t’ want to invite anyone who want to sit on my head. There are many people who will come if I invite but I want to invite only those who will get glamour by standing beside me. I will go with my style, which is dictator style.”.

Even though he was very open and honest in replying that he want to make sure Lepakshi Festival gets more name and coverage than any other celebrity but the way he spoke out definitely raised eye brows of many. 


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