Akkineni Nagarjuna not a defaulter

17 November 2016

With speculation that many big Tollywood celebrities are involved in various loan default list of nationalized banks, Akkineni Nagarjuna came out and declared that he is not one among those defaulters. He cleared the air on Twitter on Thursday. “For the few who may believe so neither me nor Annapurna Studios owe any money to any banks!! FYI”


He further tweeted: “It is true we took a loan frm banks to build new film facilities at Annapurna Studios earlier. ALL LOANS HAVE BEEN CLEARED EARLIER THIS YEAR.”


There were reports in some media channels that Annapurna Studios and Nagarjuna took around Rs 100 crore loan from various banks and defaulted on the installment payments.  Anyways, Nagarjuna declaring himself on social platform that he cleared all his dues is a wise act especially targeted towards media. Even banks and other financial institutions after the tweet wont’ sit quiet if really Nagarjuna is a defaulter.