Akkineni Akhil new movie details

17 April 2017

Akkineni Akhil second movie is directed by acclaimed director Vikram Kumar of Manam and 24 fame. After a year long wait, Akhil and Akkineni Nagarjuna okayed the script narrated by Vikram Kumar. Akkineni Nagarjuna himself is producing the film on Annapurna Productions banner. Shooting of the movie has already started.


A new update came out from film unit recently. Actor Ajay is zeroed in to play the role of main villain in the movie. Ajay played important characters in Vikram Kumar’s previous film, Ishq and 24. It is being said that Ajay and Vikram Kumar share a cordial relationship and later has always admired the acting capabilities of Ajay. Ajay character will be very special in the movie and it is said that on par with Akhil’s character in the movie. Movie is touted to be a youthful action thriller. 

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