11 February 2016

This is absolute miracle. An Indian soldier survived 6 days buried under 25 feet of snow, after the Siachen Avalanche. On Monday, a group of well-trained Army men, two dogs, a small team of medical professionals and military pilots carried out a relentless, almost death-defying rescue act at over 19,500 feet, on a snow mountain where temperature dropped to as low as -55 degrees started rescue operation. Rescue team found Hanamanthappa and were astonished to see him alive. After an avalanche at the Siachen Glacier on February 3, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa and nine other soldiers were buried deep beneath the snow. A wall of ice, a kilometer wide and 800 metres high, came crashing down on their post.


Hanamanthappa was saved because he was trapped in an air bubble and a lot of grit. He is stable and has been brought to the Army Research and Referral Hospital in Delhi. “In the rescue operations, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad has been found alive. All the other soldiers regrettably are no more with us,” Northern Army Command chief Lt-General D S Hooda said.

“The medical condition of L/N Hanamanthappa is critical but all attempts are being made to evacuate him to the Army Research & Referral Hospital (in New Delhi) on Tuesday morning. We hope the miracle continues. Pray with us,” he added.



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