Tirumala Tirupatu Devasthanam makes Aadhar Card mandatory

20 July 2016

Going forward, in the abode of Lord Venkatateswara in Tirumala, the Devotees those who want to perform 'angapradakshinam', rolling on the floor of the temple have to produce the Aadhar Card. Without the possession of this card, he or she will not be allowed to perform it. TTD is going to consider the identity of a visitor or a Devotee only through their Aadhar Card. This is going to be effective from July 20th. The introduction of this Aadhar identity was made mandatory in order to prevent repeated visits of some devotees prevent other devotees getting the opportunity of performing Angapradakshinam, TTD decided to record "Aadhaar details are to be recorded before tickets are issued for the Angapradakshinam. Just to brief about this Angapradakshinam performance, it is done around the sanctum sanctorum, measuring about 500 feet. This has been observed by the devotees on the hills for over 2,000 years. 

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