Telugu Woman shot dead in Canada

1 May 2016

In a tragic incident, A 24-year-old Telugu woman and her friend were shot dead at a shopping mall in Canada. Cynthia Mullapudi, 24, of Markham and her friend Joseph Anzolona, 26, of Toronto went to the mall along with their friends, when two unknown persons opened fire on them. The incident occurred on Friday night at the parking lot of Scarborough LCBO in Toronto, Canada.


Cynthia’s parents John Krupanandam and Shoba Thalluri are settled in Markham city in Canada. The family had migrated to Canada from Mahbubnagar town in Telangana 16 years ago. Cynthia completed her studies in Toronto and had landed a job recently. On Friday, Cynthia, along with her three friends including Joseph went to the LCBO mall in Scarborough for shopping.While Joseph went to the shopping mall, Cynthia and other friends preferred to wait inside the car. Cynthia was sitting on the rear seat.


“Joseph purchased some gifts and left of the shopping mall. While he was getting into the car from the rear side, two miscreants opened fire on him. The bullets hit both Joseph and Cynthia and both of them collapsed.The assailants fled the spot in a car heading south on Victoria Park Ave,” said Cynthia’s family member, J I David.


Toronto Police rushed to the spot and shifted Joseph and Cynthia to Sunnybrook Hospital where doctors declared them ‘brought dead’.

The Toronto police, describing the incident, said that a suspect approached the SUV vehicle on the passenger side of the vehicle and started firing at Joseph, who was getting into the vehicle. Unfortunately, Joseph was shot and Cynthia, who was seating in the back seat also was hit by the bullets.


Cynthia’s father John Krupanandam used to work as a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. Later, he migrated to Canada along with his wife Shoba Thalluri and children, 16 years ago. The family settled in Markham city in the Regional Municipality of York, located within the Greater Toronto Area of Southern Ontario, Canada.Back home in Mahabubnagar district, relatives of Cynthia were in shock after they received information about her death.Cynthia’s uncle David said they received information that Cynthia was hospitalised in a mishap that took place at a shopping mall in Toronto. Later, they came to know that some miscreants had opened fire at Cynthia and her friends. John Krupanandam informed his relatives in Mahbubnagar that Cynthia died in the incident.

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