Last year’s US Student deportation still haunts the new batch students

1 May 2016

The bitter experience gained by the Indian students who intended to have higher education in the US during 2015 is still haunting the new batch students who are planning to join the fall semester at various universities across the US.  As the fall 2016 is around the corner, terror of deportation is haunting the Indian students who are planning to land in the US to enroll in the Universities. Just to recap, at least 70 students were denied entry in the US last year for various reasons. More than deportation, several students were held in custody at various airports for several hours, cross questions hours together by the immigration officials and home land security personnel and on top of it, students were also very humiliated in several cases through a bad treatment etc. Few students have even complained that they were not provided even with a bottle of drinking water upon request.

The 2016 fall semester is starting from August 2016. As per the statics provided by various consultancies in India, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of students who applied for the universities in the year, 2015 when compared to the last year. There has been a significant impact of the 2015 instances on the students who wants to study abroad. With this trend, apparently, the number of applications increased for other countries like Germany and Australia. This is due to the immigration policies are likely to be liberal when compared to the US. Canada, Germany and Australia began to transpire as a good alternative to the higher studies in the USA and students in recent times stared preferring these countries rather than the USA on order to avoid any hiccups during process of their higher education

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