Rivals brutally kill Narayana Reddy from YSRCP

22 May 2017


Another bloody incident took place in Rayalaseema reminding everyone that the “factionalism”, the term which is colloquially known as factionism.  Pattikonda YSR Congress Party in-charge, Cherukulapadu Narayana Reddy was cruelly murdered by his long standing rivals, while he was returning from a marriage ceremony at Krishnagiri in the Karnool District.


The gang if attackers found to be around 20 members that are allegedly involved in Narayana Reddy’s murder. They attacked with bombs on his car (Fortuner vehicle) when he was traveling along with four of his followers. The assailants had somehow managed to capture a perform information of Narayana reddy’s schedule and his whereabouts, fixed a perfect spot with waterproof plan, waited for him and hit his car with two tractors and tossed bombs once his car lost control. One of his close associates, Sambasivudu is also killed on the spot. Allegedly, Narayana Reddy had filed a complaint to the police that his life is under threat. He also recently applied the renewal of his gun’s which was still in the process to get renewed.


Kurnool Superintendent of Police, Ravikrishna initiated a search team to identify the culprits immediately. In the meantime, this incident created a lot of dust within the political and as well as the common people. YSRCP congress leader, Roja stated that “this was a planned murder executed by the goondas initiated by the TDP party”. As a protest to this factionist incident, YSR Congress has called for a Karnool District wise Bandh for Monday. Jagan is also scheduled to attend Narayana Reddy’s funeral on the same day. As of now, AP CM, Chandrababu has expressed his shock after this incident.

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